AVC Investment Platform Blackout

The Trustees of the Scheme are pleased to announce that following a review of the AVC investment platform, the platform will be transitioned to Mobius Life over the next few weeks. This will bring a number of benefits to members including a reduced platform fee and a wider range of fund choices. In preparation for this transition, we need to suspend investment transactions between Tuesday 5th March and Tuesday 19th March so that all of the funds currently registered with Phoenix CIS can be re-registered to Mobius Life. The timing of the transition has been carefully planned to keep the delay of any investments and settlements to a minimum, but you may notice a small delay in your contributions being invested if you are an active member paid through a weekly payroll. Any switch requests received during this period will not be actioned until 19th March.

The vast majority of the funds that are currently available will not change, as it is only the investment platform provided that is changing, not the funds themselves. The only exception to this are three specific Tier 4 self-select funds which are not available on the Mobius Life platform and are listed below:

  • Fidelity European
  • Lazard European Alpha
  • Schroders Pension Managed

If your Pension Account is invested in these funds, you will shortly receive a letter from us explaining the replacement fund which we propose to switch your units into, or the alternatives you can choose from should you wish to. Unless you are invested in the three funds above, you do not need to take any action, as your Pension Account will remain invested in the funds you have selected.

Further details of the new fund range available through Mobius Life will be announced on the web site from 20th March. If you have any questions or concerns about the blackout period, please contact the team on 0800 090 2267 or email dcpensionadmin@abfoods.com.

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