Your pension modeller

The pension modeller is a tool that allows you to see how you can impact your pension by changing the things like:

  • How much you pay
  • When you retire; and
  • How you invest

You can access the modeller here and you may find it useful to have your benefit statement to hand.  You can also access the modeller via a 'quick link' from the secure log in area.

If you do find you need to be saving more, we have a handy ‘Savings calculator’ that helps you organise your outgoings and see how you could be saving more toward you pension.

Please note that the modeller requires Microsoft Silverlight and this is currently only supported on Internet Explorer (IE) 11.

There are a range of calculators available on the Internet and also as mobile phone apps, although please note that these use generic assumptions and are not scheme specific.

You can find other DC modellers on the websites such as Hargreaves Lansdown (click here) and Aviva (click here).

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