Tier 4: Funds 'on request'

This Tier is for members who know a bit more about investing or have specific funds that they want their contributions to be invested in. Funds in this Tier could be useful in expanding your investment portfolio.

You can find a full list of the available Tier 4 funds below, along with the charges and links to the fund factsheets. 

Once you have found the fund(s) that you want, please complete an Investment Instruction Form available here and return it to Group Pensions.

Property funds suspension - trading in some of the property funds is currently suspended due to the Coronavirus. If you require any information on investments you may hold in these funds, please contact the team on 0800 090 2267. We will contact any members who hold investments in the affected funds to explain their options. 




ISIN number

 Aberdeen Emerging Markets Equity 0.9250 1.1350  GB0033228197 Factsheet
 Aegon UK Corporate Bond 0.2500 0.2585 GB0009210609 Factsheet
 Aquila Connect Pacific RIM Equity Index 0.0900  0.1045  GB00B00C3T58 Factsheet
 Aquila Connect US Equity 0.0900  0.0973 GB00B00C3X94 Factsheet
 Aquila Life Up to 5 Yrs Gilt 0.0900  0.0900  GB00B00C2321 Factsheet
 Aquila Life World Equity Index 0.0900  0.0992  GB00B4X12W39 Factsheet
 AXA Framlington American Growth 0.6500  0.7200  GB00B5LXGG05 Factsheet 
 AXA Framlington Health 0.6500  0.7200  GB00B6WZJX05 Factsheet
 AXA Framlington UK Select Opportunities 0.6500  0.7300  GB00B7FD4C20 Factsheet
 AXA IM Global High Income 0.5000  0.5700  GB00B29NGF01 Factsheet 
 Baillie Gifford Diversified Growth 0.5900  0.7600  GB00B5YBTT55 Factsheet
 Baillie Gifford European 0.5900  0.6300  GB0006058928 Factsheet
 Baillie Gifford Managed 0.3400  0.3800  GB0006010614 Factsheet
 BlackRock Gold & General 0.7500  0.9300  GB0005852396 Factsheet
 BlackRock Life Balanced Growth 0.4900  0.4939  GB00BF9PL185 Factsheet
 BlackRock UK Smaller Companies 0.6500  0.8200 GB0005811418 Factsheet
 BlackRock UK Special Situations 0.6500  0.8200  GB0005805022 Factsheet
 BNYM Global Equity 0.3500 0.4000 GB00B8376K50 Factsheet
 BNYM Real Return 0.6900 0.7400 GB00B01XJC27 Factsheet
 EF Tellsons Endeavour Fund 0.4400  0.7800  GB00BYWWR883 Factsheet
 HSBC Islamic Global Equity Index 0.3400  0.3400  LU1092475968 Factsheet
 Invesco High Income 0.9700  0.9700  GB00B8N46L71 Factsheet 
 Invesco Income 0.9600  0.9600  GB00B8N46V79 Factsheet
 Investec Cautious Managed 0.6500  0.7700  GB00B2Q1J816 Factsheet
 iShares Emerging Markets Index 0.1000  0.1600  IE00B3D07H30 Factsheet
 Janus Henderson Global Equity 0.7500  1.3400  GB0007018194 Factsheet
 JPM Natural Resources 0.7250  0.7950  GB00B88MP089 Factsheet 
 Jupiter China 0.7900 1.0700 GB00B3ZPHC12 Factsheet
 Jupiter Global Convertibles 0.8000  1.0200  LU0522256048 Factsheet
 Jupiter India Fund 0.7900  1.1100  GB00B4TZHH95 Factsheet
 Kames Investment Grade Bond 0.6500  0.6700  GB00B141C763 Factsheet
 LGIM All Stocks Gilt Index 0.0780  0.0780  GB00B6V5QM98 Factsheet
 LGIM All Stocks Index Linked Gilt 0.0780  0.0780  GB00B6V5QJ69 Factsheet
 LGIM Cash 0.0900  0.0900  GB00B6V5RH11 Factsheet
 LGIM Diversified Fund 0.3400 0.3500  GB00B6V6GS85 Factsheet
 LGIM Ethical Global Equity Index 0.3400  0.3400  GB00B6V5VQ89 Factsheet
 LGIM Ethical UK Equity Index 0.2400  0.2400  GB00B6V5VF74 Factsheet
 LGIM Global Equity Fixed Weights 60/40 Index 0.1180  0.1180  GB00B6V5SX44 Factsheet
 LGIM Over 5 Year Index Linked Gilt 0.0780  0.0780  GB00B6V5RL56 Factsheet
 LGIM Pre‐Retirement Inflation Linked 0.1000  0.1000  GB00B6V5X395 Factsheet
 LGIM Property Fund (fund currently suspended) 0.6400  0.6600  GB00B6V5QQ37 Factsheet
 LGIM World Emerging Market Equity Index 0.3400 0.3400  GB00B6V5ZW20 Factsheet
 LGIM World ex UK Equity Index 0.1150  0.1150  GB00B6V5QW96 Factsheet
 M&G Corporate Bond 0.5400  0.6300  GB00B1YBRL59 Factsheet
 Schroder Institutional UK Smaller Companies 0.5400  0.5500  GB0007893984 Factsheet
 Schroder Tokyo 0.6500  0.8100  GB0007650640 Factsheet
 Standard Life Inv GARS 0.7400  0.7460  GB00B28S0218 Factsheet
 Standard Life Inv Short Duration Credit 0.5400  0.6500  GB0032785031 Factsheet
 Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders 0.8000  0.8300  GB0033874768 Factsheet
 Stewart Investors Global Emerging Markets 0.8000  0.8400  GB0033874545 Factsheet
 Threadneedle Global Select 0.4600  0.4900  GB00BD1FB566 Factsheet
 Threadneedle Pensions North American Equity 0.3100  0.3300  TPNNA2 Factsheet
Threadneedle UK PAIF (fund currently suspended) 0.7000  0.7500  GB00BQ1YHS94 Factsheet
Vanguard FTSE Developed World ex UK 0.1200  0.1200  GB00B59G4Q73 Factsheet
Vanguard US Equity Index CCF 0.1200 


 IE00B4NDXJ38 Factsheet
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