Property investments post the Brexit result

Following the Brexit result, a number of investment managers have introduced a deferral redemption on their Property funds. 

This means that requests for disinvestments will be held for a period of up to 12 months from the date of receipt of the request. This is as a result of a recent decline in the liquidity of the property fund. This deferral should not be imposed on payments as a result of a member retiring as long as these payments can be practically performed from the fund.

This may currently affect the Property funds available through Tier 4. If you require further information, please contact Group Pensions on 0800 090 2267 or by email on

If you are currently contributing to this fund or plan to start making contributions to this fund, you may wish to reconsider in the short term as any subsequent request for disinvestment, including swithcing to an alternative fund, may be delayed.

Please refer to the Investment Section for further information on the alternative funds available.


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