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As an employee of ABF, you have the option to join the ABF Pension Scheme. The Scheme is set up to help you save for retirement and the Company supports you with this by matching what you pay in up to a certain amount. The section of the Scheme that you can still join is called the Defined Contribution (DC) section.

Depending on certain criteria, you may be automatically enrolled into this Scheme without needing to make any decisions. This is called Auto Enrolment. This area of the website explains how Auto Enrolment impacts you, as well as explaining what will happen if you have opted out.

If you are just looking for more information about the scheme then please click here to visit the DC area of the website.

If you have a query regarding Auto Enrolment, please call Group Pensions on 0800 090 2267. This number is free to call from landlines within the UK. Calls from mobiles may be charged at a different rate. Callers from outside the UK should call +44 (0)20 7636 8111.