Ill health retirement

If you are unable to work due to ill health or incapacity, you may be able to apply for ill health retirement. Your application would need to be supported by your employer and you would need to provide medical evidence from your treating doctor or consultant who would also need to support your application.

The Trustee will review your application and medical evidence and will contact your HR department to confirm if the application has been approved. It is possible that they may require further medical information in order to make their decision.

If your application is approved, then an immediate pension will be paid as long as your early retirement pension at least equals any guaranteed minimum pension that is due to be paid from your GMP payment date. The ill health early retirement pension is calculated using the same formula as for normal retirement benefits but using your Past Service Percentage, Final Pensionable Earnings and Pensionable Service to the date of your early retirement. Your employment with the Company must cease the day before your retirement date.

There is no reduction applied to pensions when members retire on ill health direct from the company's employment.