Hargreaves Lansdown

Hargreaves Lansdown are one of the UK's leading annuity brokers and they will search the market to find you the most competitive annuity quotations. Hargreaves can also assist you if you are looking at the flexible benefits and they have products available that will allow you to take full advantage of these.

Hargreaves have a dedicated website for Associated British Foods that you can access by clicking here.

Hargreaves Lansdown also have an online quotation tool that you can use to search for an annuity. If you enter all your medical history and details of your medication, it will even search for an enhanced annuity for you.

You can access their website by clicking here.

Disclaimer: The Trustees of the Scheme are not able to recommend the services of Hargreaves Lansdown, however, they are also aware that some members may not have their own independent financial adviser to assist them in searching for an annuity or taking one of the flexible retirement options. Hargreaves Lansdown will charge for the service that they provide, they will explain this to you before you commit to using their services or products but it is important that you understand what the charges will be and how they will be paid.