Absence from work

If you are absent from work and your pay continues in full or at a reduced rate, you will continue to pay contributions to the Scheme and continue to accrue benefits for the first two years of your absence.

If your pay does not continue, you will not be required to pay contributions and you will not accrue any benefits unless you make up the missing contributions when you return to work.

If your absence is due to ill health and you die within the first two years of your absence from work and you are still employed by the Company, the lump sum death benefit will be paid to beneficiaries as the Trustee decides.

Your membership of the Scheme is discontinued and eligibility for the death in service lump sum ceases if your absence from work is longer than two years or is not due to ill health.

What happens if I am absent on maternity, paternity or adoption leave?

Please refer to the Scheme booklet for full details of maternity, paternity and adoption leave and the impact these may have on your pension benefits.

Any period of unpaid paternity or adoption leave will not count as Pensionable Service unless you return to work and make up any missing contributions.