Once you have decided on your contribution level, you need to be happy that your contributions are being invested in the way you want them to be. Your contributions are used to buy units in investment funds. The number of units in your account increases each time a contribution is added. However, the value of your account will also be determined on how your contributions have been invested.

There are four Tiers of funds available for you to invest in. You can find more information on each Tier by using the menu above.

You can mix your investment options across any combination of the Tiers – you just need to ensure that your total allocation equals 100%. Click on the links above to find out more.

The default investment using your contributions is the Target Date Fund for your 65th birthday.  The Trustees believe that Target Date Funds are suitable for the majority of members and, most specifically, those colleagues who don't want to be actively involved in day to day investment decisions. However, you are able to select your own funds if you wish.

It's important that you review your investment choices on a regular basis to make sure that they are still appropriate for when you intend to retire and the returns you hope to achieve.


The Occupational Pensions Schemes (Charges and Governance) Regulations 2015 cover a range of measures aimed at controlling the level and range of charges in ‘qualifying schemes’. In particular, charges applicable to the default option, i.e. the Target Date Funds in the case of the ABF Scheme, are subject to a cap of 0.75% annually of funds under management (or an equivalent combination charge) from April 2015. The charges on the Target Date Funds are considerably lower than this cap. Some of the other funds have charges in excess of 0.75%, these funds are not subject to the above-mentioned Regulations and you should check the the specific fund information for more details.