Tier 1: Target date funds

Think about your pension investments as a journey to retirement. The Target Date Fund aims to get the most from your money and create a smoother journey for your investments as you head towards retirement. It invests in a range of different investment types that all have different levels of risk that are appropriate to your age.

The default investment (if you don't make a choice) for your contributions is the Target Date Fund using your 65th birthday. However, you can change to a different Target Date Fund at any time by completing the Investment Instruction Form, you can download and print this by clicking here.

The example Target Date Fund below maps how your investment mix changes as you move through the three main life stages towards retirement.

The Annual Management Charge for each Target Date Fund will not be more than 0.22%. In addition to this there is a platform charge of 0.04% and other expenses included within the Total Expense Ratio (TER). Further details can be found by clicking here.