Tier 2: Diversified growth/multi-asset investment funds

There are three diversified growth funds to choose from. Each one is slightly different because of the split of investment types and funds they use.

The Diversified Growth Funds are similar to the Target Date Funds, but are not linked to your age and don’t automatically move your money as you get closer to retirement.

This Fund seeks long-term growth of capital with moderate volatility by investing in a multi-asset fund that dynamically adjusts investment exposures. The Fund invests in a globally diversified variety of asset classes, which may include equities and fixed-income instruments, including high yield securities, real estate-related securities, currencies, commodity-related securities and alternatives with no prescribed limits.

Citicode: XOVY

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This Fund aims to achieve a positive total return in all market conditions over a rolling three year period. The Fund targets a gross return of 5% per annum above UK 3-month LIBOR (or an equivalent reference rate) and aims to achieve this with less than half the volatility of global equities, over the same rolling three-year period.


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This Fund aims to invest in a broad range of asset classes to generate a return of UK inflation (as measured by the UK Consumer Price Index) + 5% per annum over an economic cycle, typically 5 years, with volatility less than two thirds of global equities.


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The Sub-Fund’s objective is to provide its Shareholders with long-term capital growth, through a model-based portfolio of equities in global mature economies (developed markets). The Sub-Fund is fossil free and has additional ESG criteria and sustainability focus.

ISIN: LU1932672030

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This Tier could be suitable if you want to actively manage when you move your money and spread your risk across different types of investments in one fund.

The charges applicable to these funds are the Annual Management Charge and the Total Expense Ratio (which includes the Annual Management Charge). Factsheets are updated quarterly, within six weeks of each quarter end.

You can also achieve diversification by selecting a number of funds in Tier 3 and/or Tier 4 which span a number of asset classes. However, you will be required to select these funds yourself and you should also periodically review your allocation to each of them (and consider whether any reallocation is appropriate).