Information on the death benefits payable in different circumstances can be found on our website by clicking here.

No, we do not offer a With Profits fund and we have no legacy With Profits funds within the DC Section of the Scheme. Please note that this does not apply to DB members who have paid AVCs - they may hold benefits within a legacy With Profits arrangement and we can provide further information on this on request.

The DC Section of the Scheme is and always has been, contracted in to SERPS and therefore the benefits do not contain any Protected Rights or GMP.

The AMC and TER for all the funds available for investment can be found in the Investment section of the website. Please click here.

No, however the total must equal 100% and the individual amounts in each fund must be in whole percentages.

It is our policy to only provide an SMPI projection once a year on the member's benefit statement. If you would like a copy of this, the member should provide this to you.

Yes, provided they are a current contributing member of the Scheme, they can transfer other deferred pension benefits into the Scheme. To start this process, please click here to go to the relevant page of the website.

We will only refer to a nomination form in the event of a member's death. If a member is unsure that their nomination form is up to date, then we would recommend that they complete a new one. The form can be downloaded here.

The costs of administering the Scheme are met by the employer. Therefore, we do not charge members to switch their funds or transfer benefits out of the Scheme.