Where to get further help

Due to the nature of the new pension tax rules, it is impossible for ABF Group Pensions Department to know your exact position. We will, of course, provide all the information you need in respect of your ABF Pension Scheme benefits.

Under the new tax rules, you will be required to collate the information you need each tax year, and to declare through self-assessment any excess pensions savings that may trigger a tax charge. If you believe that you will be impacted by the new tax rules we strongly recommend that you seek financial advice – you can find an approved adviser in your local area on register.fca.org.uk.

The information you need to collate is relatively straightforward but may come from a number of sources. The information you need each tax year includes:

  • Your total taxable earnings, including benefits in kind, from all sources
  • Your pension benefits from all sources. If you have other benefits from a different pension arrangement, you should obtain information from the relevant provider direct.

How we can help

To help you, ABF Group Pensions Department has prepared the following:

Information on the general tax limits

As a contributing member of the DB Section, you can find relevant information about your benefits here.

You can also find details about the value of your ABF Pension Scheme benefits by logging into your account. If you need to enrol for this service, or have forgotten your log in details, please follow the ‘forgotten password’ instructions. Please click here to be taken to the login page.

If you have any questions then please contact the Member Services Team in the Group Pensions Department by email: pensions.admin@abfoods.com or by telephone: 0800 090 2267, +44 (0)20 7636 8111 for calls from outside the UK.