Log in to Your Secure Online Account

From 21 January 2021, a number of changes have been made to your secure online account to introduce new and improved functionality available to you. If you have previously registered to access your secure online account, there are some steps which you will need to follow to log into your account for the first time. You should have received a letter from us explaining this, but we have also made a copy of the instructions included in the letter available online which you can access by clicking here.

If you have previously registered to use the website and usually log in with your pension number and password, the first time you log in to the updated website you should enter your pension number in the “email address” box and the password you have previously set up in the “password” box. You should then follow the instructions on screen to register on the new website. Once you have completed the registration process you should then use your email address to login in future.

If you have not registered to use the updated website by providing your email address and selecting a password and memorable word, you should click “If you have not registered please click here”.  You will need an activation code to register for the first time, this can be obtained by contacting us.

Please click here to access the log in page for your secure online account.